Three Go-to Resources for Learning NT Greek

Three Go-to Resources for Learning NT Greek



Below are three resources that I have found to be the most helpful in my study of NT greek. Most of my studying has been on my own. Because of this, I have journeyed around every corner of the internet trying to find anything that would help me learn the original language of the New Testament. I wanted to share a few of the most profitable for anyone wanting to learn biblical greek. Also, I have posted a video provided by BibleMesh on the importance of learning the biblical languages. I hope this helps anyone interested.

Daily Dose of Greek:

This is a free online resource, provided by Dr. Robert Plummer of Southern Baptists Theological Seminary. On his site, Dr. Plummer provides 25 lessons that go through D.A. Black’s Learning to Read New Testament Greek. In addition, there is a continuing short video series Dr. Plummer calls Daily Dose of Greek. These short videos go through a verse of the Bible in greek. A typical video begins with a quick reading of the text, a translation of the text and a couple grammatical notes by Dr. Plummer. I suggest signing up for the daily notices that are emailed to you. I have used this resource as a way of learning and maintaining basic greek grammar and vocabulary knowledge. A two minute video, five days a week is a simple way to invest into learning the Greek of the New Testament.

Bill Mounce:

The author of the most popular Greek grammar has also produced a video series that walks students though the text of Basics of Biblical Greek (BBG). The great thing about Mounce’s grammar is the amount of resources that accompany it. These resources give the self-taught Greek student a fighting chance at grasping the grammar of biblical Greek. Mounce’s website provides access to video lectures, they can also be purchased on amazon. I recommend purchasing the Learn Biblical Greek Pack which costs around $120. BBG is a very approachable way to learn the grammar of NT Greek. Students who advance beyond Mounce will come to see that the textbook needs some updating in regards to deponency and verbal aspect. But, besides this I highly recommend BBG as a way to introduce yourself to NT Greek.


BibleMesh is an amazing online resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible in general and biblical languages in particular. They have a wide range of classes, taught by scholars and experienced ministers passionate about providing, “trusted theological education for the people of God on mission in the world.” Their biblical language courses take you through texts of the Bible, which reinforces the grammar and vocabulary you are also learning. The stand alone version (Greek Reading 1) cost $199, for $525 you can purchase the course with academic support. I suggest trying the Greek First Steps course for only $39. This course provides introductory material and might be a good tester for anyone interested in taking Greek Reading 1.

Written by Dan Marino

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