A Letter From Uncle Screwball

A Letter From Uncle Screwball

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Dear Gibbons,

I hope this finds you well. I have heard of your patient’s study habits and his love of history. I would remind you to continue to enforce the ugliness of his Churches history, let him see the brutality of men. This should take his eyes off our enemy and put them where we want them, “on us!” If you see him starting to drift while thinking contrary to this, quickly alert Bigins and have him bring over another one of our patients from the faculty. Our enemy knows how well we have deceived him as a youth into buying our lies, and now he teaches it! He will do well to influence your patient with pointing out the heresy hunts, the burnings, the crusades, and the raping and killings of the innocent.

Once your patient hears an older, more influential voice, he is more inclined to believe it, and by believing it, he will quickly forget all about the enemy’s words, “love thy neighbor as thy self, or love your enemy.” These words will soon be replaced by images of war, power, rape, hatred, and deceit. He will learn to associate that dreadful name “Christ,” or what they have called, “Christianity,” with all our beautiful works over the years. We want our patient to focus more and more on the disunity of this thing called "the communion of the saints." We do not want him to know the already existing unity that our enemy has purchased. We must continually distract him from understanding this, how easy it is! They will fight over all kinds of things, it's quite entertaining! We must encourage them to see that diversity is a bad thing and that unity means conformity! 

Let me know how your patient is doing. If I do not hear back from you in a week, I will assume the enemy has reached your patient with some of his comrades who have been exactly where our patient was, only to keep their eyes on the enemy. Whatever you do, keep working. I know all to well your tendency to drift off.

Sincerely Uncle Screwball



This series of posts will attempt to honor C.S. Lewis (1898 - 1963) who wrote a better version "The Screw Tape Letters." 

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