A Letter From Uncle Screwball (Part 2)

A Letter From Uncle Screwball (Part 2)

A Letter From Uncle Screwball


Dear Gibbons,

I've heard the report about how your patient's doubts have subsided. He now seems to believe that the "church," is almost universally perfect, historically that is. How I hate these people with a passion. I knew that you would lose focus, and allow our enemies to reach him, typical rookie mistake. The weeks passed without any response - were you sleeping on the Job? I assumed how easily distracted you would get, do not think that when I see you in person I will not slap you around a little bit for this sloppy mistake. The next move would be to encourage him to see no major mistakes at all - we want him to see that his church's history is not that big of a deal. In other words, he will fall into error for thinking that "forgiveness" means no repentance, but just a simple dismissal - we do not want him to know the real problems at bay.

By keeping him ignorant, our people will continue to look at the enemy's people as "hypocrites, frauds, and fakes," why should they believe their message of cheap forgiveness? Little do they know we have deceived them just as well! They have committed just as many crimes as the enemy's people! I would call our work marvelous! But it's very easy to sit back at times and watch them fight without ever having to move a finger!  our job is to keep the enemy's people ignorant and blind while maintaining that our own people remain blind - we must maintain a wall of hostility between the people - we must let them remain divided in thinking and actions.

I was there when the enemy Saint Paul was teaching "In Christ there are no Jews and Greeks, male and female, that all are one in Christ Jesus," how I hated this man and his message of unity. We know the enemy is creating "one new man" but it is our job to encourage them to think of this as a supersession of the old. By allowing your patient to believe a replacement of the old people, he might become violent, self righteous and pompous, which will work to our advantage! That's what we want! Your patient will think he has gained "godliness and newness" all the while he has gained our lovely spirit of "pride and hatred for his fellow human beings," which I confess, these are virtues! This will cause him to participate in the history of violence and by participating he will possibly be numbered among those who cause "strife, jealousies, divisions, amongst the people."

Gibbons, you must stay focused! otherwise, I might have to put you back in the lower chambers again, and you know how dreadful those chambers are! Just think of Thrasher, he assumed he was doing a great work, but the boss thought otherwise! Now he spends his days cleaning each cell, one by one. My advice to you is simple, be on your guard and make sure you learn to think on your own two feet! I can't keep reminding you of these things.

Sincerely, Uncle Screwball. 

This series of posts will attempt to honor C.S. Lewis (1898 - 1963) who wrote a better version "The Screw Tape Letters." 

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