The Beautiful Chaos

The Beautiful Chaos



From our birth until our final breath, we live between beauty and chaos. Life often throws us chaotic curve balls that take us off guard. As humans it's our natural inclination to be shocked and afraid when we are pulled into the tide of chaos.....

A few months ago I found myself steeped in a hole of darkness and depression - struggling to climb out of this hole, my strength was gone and my body was depleted. Joy and meaning became a distant reality from a time long gone. My faith made little sense and brought little comfort intellectually.

It was in this hole I realized that life is chaotic and beautiful - that rather than fighting the chaos I must learn to swim in it while seeking the beauty that can come from it....

In the first book of the Bible, the opening chapter speaks about God's presence and spirit hovering over the watery chaos and out of the chaos he creates this beautiful planet (earth) and places a garden in the midst of the chaos.....

Any artist will tell you that good drawing is blending lines and making beauty out of the lines. Let me leave you with this thought that has been on replay in my mind like a broken record, create beauty out the chaos.....

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