No Bacon For You….. “Strange prohibitions in the Bible.”

No Bacon For You….. “Strange prohibitions in the Bible.”

In the strange book of Leviticus (read it, it's an exhausting read with strange foreign commands )  we are told that bacon is extremely bad and one should not eat it -- some of you are thinking, "it's a good thing we have move past this blamspehous commandment." I went to do research on this topic and everything I read seems to be speculative, I mean there are groups of theologians who mount arguments prohibiting the pig because of scientific reasons (Yet, I am sure with one taste of this delicious pig, they would change their mind) -- which turn out to be false......

What my best guess would be is this......

The reason the pigs and sea creatures who eat crap at the bottom of sea are prohibited have to do with the Hebrews being a eastern holistic culture -- and they must have seen the pig, crap eaters (certain sea creatures -- oh yeah and lizards) as unclean which we can see in the book of leviticus (see Ch.11), therefore, these creatures probably compromised their way of understanding cleanliness (Obviously, it's right there in Chapter 11 -- holiness--holistic - made well)....

How to read it now?

Well, thank god for the pagan NT writers who declare all foods clean -- right? No, but really, the NT writers seem to have a new understanding when it comes to the Pig and the food groups which we were prohibited by the Hebrews (they are kind of like the dudes in the prohibition who made their own beer -- okay, not really).

Don't be alarmed...

Everyone has been around those people who start throwing biblical prohibitions on people -- I typically respond, "the bible forbids mixed clothing fabric," typically silence happens.... Anyhow, we can possibly read these texts (gaining my theological Jedi insight) as being set apart and made whole (well) which seems to be the underlying theme of these prohibitions -- what that means for us in our culture, in the here and now are questions we should be asking and seeking... So even though these texts are foreign and weird to most people (there are still religious groups who forbid the pig -- and I tip my hat off to them and respect their right to do so - I am also not a huge bacon eater myself).

I am sure there are plenty of answers out there -- and plenty of people who will correct my thinking on this matter (for which I am open and eager to here).

Written by Casey Dayton

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