About Amateur Theologians

The goal of this project is to share with the community of Jesus followers the common journey we participate in as disciples of Jesus Christ. After spending many hours studying the Scriptures in search of the God revealed in it, we have come to realize that the investment is a lifelong journey. As fellow sojourners we are excited to help and be helped by others who are on their way as well. We have titled our blog “Amateur Theologians” not to be self depreciative but to cultivate an attitude of humility and exalt the one who is altogether lovely and worthy of eternal praise. We pray that God would be glorified and his people edified through our lives, of which this project is an extension.

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About Dan

Hello, my name is Daniel Marino. I am a graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College and hold a BA in Religious Studies from Faith Evangelical College & Seminary. I have been married to Kandis Marino for over three years and enjoy traveling, reading, and a good cup of coffee. I also work for a geotechnical engineering company as a Client Services Specialist. I started this project at the request and instigation of Casey Dayton with a desire to share and connect with others who have a passion for studying God's word. Connect with me if you want to know more.

About Casey

Hi, My name is Casey Dayton. I am married to Emily and we have one son named Jonah. I have attended Calvary Chapel Bible College, University of Phoenix, and I am currently attending The Masters College and will be heading to Fuller Seminary. My long term goal is to eventually gain a Ph.D in the NT (this is a long term goal for the future, God willing). This blog came about when Dan and I started tossing ideas back and forth and eventually just made it happen. But in reality this blog has been in the making for years now because Dan and I have always had serious theological talks while reading huge scholarly volumes, and now we are attempting to set our journey in written format. My prayer is that this blog can further you in your pursuit of God and your journey to becoming like Jesus, we can journey onward together in community. Much Love, Casey. 

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