J. R. Daniel Kirk, Interview, Jesus the man

J. R. Daniel Kirk, Interview, Jesus The Man   The man Jesus lived amongst us, walking the dusty streets of Galilee, in the midst of a power hungry empire, Rome. He was weaving stories for his listeners, teaching God’s reign on earth, demonstrating in both word and deed that he was the messiah (anointed by God). […]

Romans By Michael F. Bird

Michael F. Bird on Romans   Paul’s letter to the Roman Christians has been one of the most influential documents of the New Testament. One needs only to look at it’s impact on such men as Augustine, Luther and Wesley. Additionally, specific texts in Romans have also been the center of debate between students of the […]

N.T. Wright Interview

An Interview with N.T. Wright   This is an interview with Professor N.T. Wright one of the worlds leading NT scholars of our day and age. Wright has written over 70 books and still counting. Wright is a Professor at St. Andrews University in Scotland, for more information on Him check out his website http://www.ntwrightonline.org/ – Casey […]

The New Heavens and New Earth. (Part 1)

The New Heavens and New Earth. (Part 1)   In our western church, this theme “the new heavens and new earth” is seldom mentioned (though it’s starting to get more attention lately). If heaven is thought about, it’s thought about in the context of dying and leaving your old dusty, sinful body behind and floating […]

Three Go-to Resources for Learning NT Greek

Three Go-to Resources for Learning NT Greek   Below are three resources that I have found to be the most helpful in my study of NT greek. Most of my studying has been on my own. Because of this, I have journeyed around every corner of the internet trying to find anything that would help […]